Project Engineering & Management

Our project management professionals combine detailed technical knowledge of management disciplines that include contracts, risk management, EHQS, scheduling and cost estimating

Whatever the project, the client wants to be sure that it is completed on time and within budget and that the quality is to an agreed level.

Making all this happen means coordinating a number of complex elements. Our project management teams can achieve this. We can coordinate and manage every step of the project, from a review of requirements, procurement, fabrication and erection, supervision and inspection right through to testing and commissioning. Furthermore, our specialized teams of engineers and technicians offer independent expertise, opinions and advice. They also help to comply with regulatory and quality standards.

The project and site teams of Scanweld use modern smart devices and software for efficiently managing the whole process. The speed and traceability of the information flow provides the project management team with the latest information in real time. This makes the whole project management process transparent and effective with any possible deviations becoming apparent in the earliest stage.